The economic impact of rising awareness of BTS is estimated at about 4.14 trillion won per year
This is merely the surface of things and the music industry in South Korea continues to grow to this day. Korea has the 9th largest music market in the world and the market size is expanding, centering on K-Pop.
ZE:A - Children of Empire
LODI, led by Star Empire Co., Ltd. that has produced numerous artists including ZE: A (Children of Empire), is a new funding tool based on blockchain, a practical support project that assists new artists' overseas performances and connects foreign fans with Korean artists.
The genealogy of the Korean Wave that started with dramas continues to expand throughout the world, forming strong fandom among people in their teens and twenties, and is led by BTS. The new Korean Wave, centered on BTS, is disseminating throughout the world via exclusive contents of platforms connected online and mobile.
Stage Target Genre Consumer Rights and Interests
Korean Wave 1.0 Stars K-drama Interested Type East Asia
Korean Wave 2.0 Idols K-POP Experiencing Type Asia
Korean Wave 3.0 Style K-Culture Prosumer Type The World
Contents Music Performances Fashion Beauty
However, the music market centered on large entertainment companies embodies a structure where only the idol groups created by certain professional composers and choreographers can prosper. In result, it holds an inherent structural problem where it becomes more difficult for artists of small and medium-sized companies or solo artists to debut.

Hence, LODI was introduced as a platform for fostering artists who support a balanced music industry. LODI intends to tokenize the domestic music industry by incorporating the artist-training blockchain technology and propose a new funding approach to the ecosystem of music industry.
Distributor, Entertainment Agency
Entire process from the discovery of artists to their debut with this fans and incorporating blockchain technology with contents (transparency + fairness + reliability + reward)
Why Blockchain?
Service Process
LODI's partner agencies and artists upload a variety of content to the LODI platform. LODI users will participate in creating fandom while enjoying the media content of artists uploaded via a mobile application. Not only the existing fans of the agency, but the newly introduced fans through LODI will expand the fandom.

Since LODI has its own academy, it will provide detailed and systematic training that no other blockchain-based entertainment platforms are able to offer.

Not only the artists, but even LODI fans, if they want, can also use the LODI tokens to apply to take classes at LODI Artist Academy. When an artist with secured fandom at LODI is created, LODI will connect with a partner agency to assist for the debut.
Service Model
LODI is a community platform where “Fans” can actively participate by evaluating (likes), posting comments, sharing, and following the contents of “Artists” who upload them (photos / videos of vocals, choreography, sound recordings, etc.)

The highly acclaimed artists by fans will get an opportunity to do an audition at LODI, and selected trainees will receive a systematic training at LODI Academy. These trainees will be able to debut and work with partner agencies later. Contents created in the curriculum (practice, training, daily life, etc.) can be uploaded to LODI or be used to continuously communicate with fans through live broadcasts and community activities to form fandom.

Fans can purchase items, participate in fan clubs / fan meeting activities, request performances and buy tickets using LODI tokens acquired by direct purchase or through communication process, and can fund an album production for their favorite artists to debut and be rewarded a portion of the album's revenue.
Main Service
Service Extension Plan
Creating a community centered on famous artists and trainees contracted to agencies and focusing on expanding the platform utilizing the fandom
  • Trainee
  • FAN
Creating an ecosystem where the needs and opinions of fans (users) can be gathered, including funding, events, and content creation with to-be artists and fans. Directly and indirectly growing market values through active participation
  • Reward
  • Funding
  • Contents
Focusing on token use such as Goods Stores (LODI Mall), Item Mall, and ticket purchases. Building infrastructure for blockchain-based entertainment business
  • Tourism
  • Training
  • Performances
  • Goods
  • Membership
Creating a new ecosystem where artists (creators) and fans (users) mutually cooperate with each other across all areas of cultural contents
  • Drama / Movies Musical
  • Animation Webtoon
  • Characters
  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Literature/Novels
  • Games
Road Map
Team & Advisor
LODI’s partner agencies who have produced the top-class artists will stand by the debut and activities of artists by delivering their accumulated expertise and experiences to trainees selected from LODI. Moreover, the affiliated singers will work with LODI marketing and provide mentoring to trainees and artists.
Coin Introduction
We issued LODI Coins to develop the LODI system and operate the global ecosystem of stable and scalable LODI platform. LODI Coin is a proof of rights and interests including profit sharing and voting rights and is a utility coin that can be efficiently used in various platforms subsequently provided by LODI.
Coin Composition : 3,000,000,000
Quantity Ratio Remarks
Mining 1,500,000,000 50% Reward for activities, airdrop, etc.
Sales 1,500,000,000 50% Private Sale, IEO, etc.
The quantity indicated above is the initial issuance amount and the originally allocated quantity. LODI Coin maintains a virtuous cycle of compensation, consumption and trading via LODI Platform and Cryptocurrency Exchange.
Coin Economics
Content upload, Activity index, Followers, Invite friends, Coin folder reward
LODI Mall, Item Mall, Funding, Premium Service, Tuition, User Events
LODI Coin holders will benefit from the priority of purchasing K-pop tickets and participating in fandom activities through LODI platform, thereby consistently increasing the value of the LODI coin. The scarcity of the LODI coin will continuously increase as some may be used up in accordance with the LODI Coin Policies.
Exchange Guidance
Exchange in Korea
  • COIN2X Exchange (https://www.coin2x.net)
  • To be Re-listed on 2020.09
  • Available for trading 24 hours in Korean Won (KRW)
Exchanges in Overseas
  • Second half of 2020: To be listed in China, Indonesia and Vietnam
  • first half of 2021: Number of market exchanges in Asia is expected to expand and to be listed in the US and Europe